Rector’s Message
Mar 14

Rector’s Message

All our staff and faculty are motivated knowing that by preparing our youth for the future, they are directly contributing to the development and success of Somalia as a whole.

We are proud of the notable achievements our team has made in such a short time. Responding to the needs of the local population, we have successfully implemented a number of undergraduate academic programs, among them Medicine and Health Sciences, Telecommunications and Engineering, Computers and IT, Business, Banking and Economics, Political Sciences, Law, and Sharia as well as specializations in Math, Statistics and Natural Sciences.

In addition, the patience and commitment of our staff have led to a series of achievements, notably awarding Master’s degrees in collaboration with Open University Malaysia. We have also developed collaborative ties with a number of other universities worldwide. SIMAD also gained membership in the Association of African universities (AAU) and the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN).

SIMAD University has recently restructured its facilities, focusing on latest advances in educational technology; notably the addition of 9 computer labs and library upgrade with over 20,000 books and more than 50,000 e-books across a wide range of specializations.

We continually strive to create opportunities and foresee possibilities in our quest to improve and extend the breadth and depth of our vision. At SU, you will find an innovative experiential learning environment with opportunities to learn from and interact with professors and students who share the passion in creating an intellectually stimulating community of scholars.

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