Cultural Week again at SIMAD University After a Year of COVID-19 Restrictions

Last week was an exciting week, coinciding with SIMAD Cultural Week, one of the biggest memorial events at the University. This year’s cultural week event received much more coverage, engagement, and enthusiasm from our students since this event was not undertaken last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event lasted one week, starting from May 29 to June 2, 2021.

During the culture week, students demonstrate and compete in various activities including Quran competitions, football tournaments, running competitions, tug-of-war, poetry, traditional dancing and songs, and so forth. In addition to that, the Somali traditional foods and various arts which reflect Somali culture have been displayed. Students were very excited to learn and showcase their culture and have been eagerly waiting for this opportunity to come so that they could present and discover their hidden talents.

The closing ceremony of the cultural week was attended by the University’s top management, faculty administrative, poetries, students, the media, and other honorable guests. The closing day of the cultural week was concluded with awards given for students who scored high in the various activities of the event.

The Quran competition is one of the few major competitions in which the University encourages all students to participate so that they could get merit scholarships if they score high in the contest. This year, a student from the faculty of computing scored first in the holy Quran Competition for the boys and was granted a full scholarship for the rest of his studies at SIMAD University. Similarly, the first girl in the girls’ section received a full scholarship. Other students who have won various competitions have received trophies, cash awards, and other credentials.

Finally, the Rector, Ustad Dahir Hassan has congratulated the students who came first in the holy Quran competition and stated that the University has given them a special privilege as they carry the Quran by heart. He finally gave appreciation to the event organizers for these beautiful events and urged all students to participate in the extra-curriculum activities of the University and other activities beyond the boundaries of the classes.