SIMAD University Condolence Message to Saturday’s Deadly Attack
Oct 16

SIMAD University Condolence Message to Saturday’s Deadly Attack

On behalf of SIMAD University management, staff, and students, our prayers and wishes go to the victims of Saturday’s attack including some of our Alumnus.

Following the attack that occurred on Saturday, 14 October 2017, in KM5, Mogadishu, SIMAD Family shares the sadness with the family and friends of the affected people and those who lost their loved family members.

Farhia Mohudin was an MBA graduate student from our Center for Postgraduate Studies. Anyone who knows Farhia knows that she was really a remarkable person and she was a loved member of SIMAD Family.  We lost a strong lady who had a great future ahead.

Everyone still remembers her appearance of the graduation video. In the video, she kissed her mother on the cheeks and wholeheartedly thanked her how she educated her. We ask Allah to give his mercy to her and invite her on his paradise. Aamiin.

Here is the Graduation Video where Farhia appreciates her mother:-  

Abdurrahman Abdulkadir Hassan who was also among those who lost their lives in the attack was a BA graduate student at SIMAD University. Mr. Hassan was responsible for all his family. They depended on him. May Allah give him mercy.

The deadly attack also caused injuries to some of our alumni members.

Abdullahi Omar got injured in the attack. We wish him urgent recovery.  

Said Dahir Ali known as CK, is also injured. He suffered a minor wound on the scalp of the head. Mr. Said is a graduate student of the Faculty of Social Sciences. We wish him quick recovery.

SIMAD University also sends its condolences to the affected families who lost their loved ones. We also wish a quick recovery to those who got injured. We’ll recover from this.







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  1. Allaha u naxariisto dhamaan.

    Waxaa kaloo jira Maxamed Xasan Ibraahim BBA16 oo isana geeriyooday.

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