Clinical Clerkship Journey of SIMAD Medical Students in Sudan
Sep 13

Clinical Clerkship Journey of SIMAD Medical Students in Sudan

Note: This is a reflection of clinical clerkship journey of our first-batch medical students in Sudan, written by Abdullahi Abdirahman Omar and Ibrahim Abdullahi Mohamed.

As part of students exchange program between SIMAD University and International University of Africa (IUA), we as first batch of SIMAD University medical students had the opportunity to experience international exposure and excellent clinical setting in Khartoum, Sudan. We acquired clinical clerkship of internal medicine and dermatology for 5 months in Khartoum. The objective of the clerkship was to provide students a broad, international clinical exposure. Throughout the time, we received a lot of medical training such as ECG and clinical skills as well as attended in workshops and conferences. As part of the program, we attended classes at IUA with foreign medical students who were in the same year with us.

Among the experiences, we acquainted with the importance of taking a history from patients, practicing physical examination, thinking critically to understand clinical cases and growth of regular self-study habit, as well as exciting problem-based learning on bedside teaching patient at main training hospitals such as Ibrahim Malik, Al-sha’ab, Omdurman and other clinics in Sudan. The problem-based learning of clinical scenarios on bedside teaching patients supported us to make integration and to bridge the gap of theory and practice that allow us and prepare us to become competent, skill, and qualified doctors in the future.

In addition, we had the opportunity to improve our communication skills and observe and practice medical ethics. The first batch of SU medical students’ clerkship journey to Sudan was very productive as we improved our knowledge and enhanced our skills and developed the mindset and attitude of being great physicians in near future.

We finally appreciate SIMAD University for providing us this great opportunity. We strongly recommend our fellow medical students to take the path and experience a diversity of culture while learning at SIMAD.

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