Capacity Building Training for Students Government and Faculty associations
Mar 27

Capacity Building Training for Students Government and Faculty associations

SIMAD University Students’ Affairs Office has concluded a three-day capacity building training for the members of Students Government and faculty associations. The purpose of this capacity building was to promote the students’ knowledge and skills to better engage the activities of the University. The content of the program is very suited and it also focuses on what the students can do right now.

The first-day training session was all about event management. So as student leaders and their executive members often deal with organizing and running the activities of the university, this session was meant to incorporate event management to ensure they can smoothly run events in an excellent and admirable way.

Mr. Husein Osman presented a structured and wide-range training on event management. The training covered topics including planning and budgeting, establishing deadlines, acquiring permits, arranging all stuff and also coordinating event management teams.

Then, students were also given a secretarial training and filling systems. Since Students Government and faculty associations have secretarial members, this will again help them obtain the basic office skills necessary to perform daily tasks in a professional way.

Ustad Mohamed Hussein Ashraf also provided helpful skills and knowledge to improve the overall administration within their corresponding offices. He explained topics including accurate filing, preparing for meetings, planning and prioritizing, and also communication and interpersonal skills.

Finally, an exciting leadership skills session followed. Dr. Amina Omar Mohamud also provided leadership training to equip student leaders with the necessary tools to influence people around them. It is then the time our student leaders exercise their leadership skills in more powerful and effective ways within their current roles.

At SIMAD University, students learn through various capacity buildings and co-curricular activities, which provide a fun and conducive learning environment.

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