Call for Papers- CEPAD2017
Mar 02

Call for Papers- CEPAD2017


SIMAD University is organizing the 2nd Conference on Economics and Public Administration (CEPAD2017). The main theme of the conference is “Creating a better future for Somalia”.  (CEPAD2017) will serve as a platform that contributes ideas and strategies in overcoming the challenges associated with public policy and administration development faced by the nation as in whole and institutions of the government, in particular. The conference reflects developments by providing a meeting place for the discussion of public policy and administration related research, developments methods, tools and experimental results. Its main goal is to foster public policy and administration talk by bringing together researchers, scholars, and public servants.

The conference will be held annually from 26-27 of April every year. It is an academic conference with an estimated attendance of 200 participants, presenters and guests, and has traditionally intended to be accessible and affordable both to the organizers (in terms of organization complexity and financial burden) and to the participants. The conference is a two days conference preceded by days of preparation including registration.


The objectives of CEPAD2017 are to foster education and to advance professional knowledge and standards in various areas of public policy and administration development by:

  1. Facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among educators, professionals, students, and bureaucrats, and between the politics and academic fields;
  2. Encouraging and assisting basic and applied research activities that advance knowledge of economics, public policy, and administration development, and increase the available body of teaching materials;
  3. Facilitating research and development dialogue concerning macroeconomics, politics and administration issues as they relate to academic, policy and government sectors.


We welcome the submission of papers that address the conference theme as well as all functional areas of macroeconomics, public administration, and public policy development. While the general focus is global perspective, papers with a national and/or regional focus are also welcomed. Authors may consider any of the subject areas listed below:

  1. Public Policy
  2. Federalism
  3. Public Admin topic
  4. Macroeconomics topics
  5. Public Finance (taxation and other topic related to governance of the public Finance)
  6. Corruption and Implication to governance

NB: For full details about paper submission guidelines, tentative program, paper presentation and facilities and special notes, please download the full call for papers here (PDF).



For all inquiries, please contact the Secretary of the CEPAD2017 organizing team, Ustad Abdinor Ali at or conference Email:  

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