The Biography of Professor Abdi Aziz Sheikh Mohamood
Dec 25

The Biography of Professor Abdi Aziz Sheikh Mohamood

Professor Abdi Aziz Sheikh Mohamood is an academician and researcher with highly developed skills in Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Medical research, and genetics.

He was born in Mogadishu, on May 3, 1960. He received his bachelor degree in Biochemistry from Al-Ain University, UAE in 1986. He earned his Master degree in Microbiology from the University of Howard, the USA in 1992. In 1995, he completed his doctoral degree in Molecular and Cellular Immunology from the Howard University.

Prof. Abdiaziz taught Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Medical research and genetics courses at the universities of JOHNS HOPKINS, USA, University of SAN’A Yemen, University of science and technology, Hadhramout, Yemen, Howard University, USA and many other universities across the world.

He supervised the thesis and dissertations of both undergrad and graduate of different students from different countries around the world.

During his endeavors Prof Abdi Aziz received many awards and achieved numerous accomplishments including the Johns Hopkins Pathology's Award for Excellence in Basic Research in three times, in addition, he is active in basic and translational research and published in prestigious American and international journals. In addition, Prof Abdi Aziz owns a patent for his invention in the treatment of autoimmune disorders such as Type I Diabetes.

He participated in many professional pieces of training such as Immunocytochemistry held by the Center for Advanced Training in Molecular and Cellular Biology in Washington, DC. And many others.

In 2014 Prof Abdi-Aziz came back to the country and decided to contribute his 30 years of teaching and research experience to his country and he is Currently engaged in strengthening the newly established medical school at SIMAD University where it is opened the first Microbiology program in Somalia with fully equipped microbiology and Molecular biology laboratories.

Prof Abdi-Aziz in the Medical Laboratory of the John Hopkins University in the USA.
Prof; Abdi-Aziz Sheikh at the University of Howard in Washington DC, in the USA.
At the beginning of his involvement of SIMAD University, he is addressing the orientation ceremony for the admitted students in the year of 2014.
Prof Abdi-Aziz at Washington DC, in 1979.
Prof Abdi-Aziz at Newyork city in 1978.


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  1. Aziz is my role model. He is always ready to share knowledge. I admire his intentions of passing knowledge to younger generations.

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