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SU Online Application Process:

On this page, you can apply for SIMAD UNIVERSITY online by providing the required documents and information of the candidate. Below, download the official application form of SIMAD UNIVERSITY. Then fill the form locally on your PC and then upload the form back using the UPLOADER below.

Download here the Official Application Letter of SIMAD UNIVERSITY.

After filling the form, use the UPLOADER below to send us the filled document and, if verified, you'll be an admitted student of SIMAD UNIVERSITY.


  • In the Title, type your full name.
  • Then in the "Post content or file description," type "SIMAD UNIVERSITY Admission."
  • Next is the "Your Media Files" box, select "Choose Files"
  • Find the filled form in your PC, then select the document to allow it to be ready for uploading
  • Finally, click on the "Submit" button.
  • That's it! Wait for our response. Maybe sooner you'll be an admitted student of SIMAD UNIVERSITY.

Upload your Application Documents:

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