2 Years in Row: SU Conducts First Professional MBBS Exam
Sep 18

2 Years in Row: SU Conducts First Professional MBBS Exam

SIMAD’s School of medicine has conducted the First Professional MBBS exam in the second year in a row, this exam is intended to test the basic knowledge of the students who are heading to the fourth year in order to know if they resume the clinical studies.

This exam is internationally based and it is adopted by many counties, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Razman Jarmin and Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zainul Rashid were the external examiners of the exam. Prof. Ilyas Abdiladif, Prof. Abdiaizzi Sheikh Mohamed and Dr. Amin from SIMAD’s school of medicine were also conducting the exam as internal examiners.

The students were asked questions related to the basic subjects of medical courses including Pathology, Microbiology, physiology, and Anatomy.

At the end of the two days, Dr. Mohamed Amin Abdi Karim has explained the purpose of this exam. “We are committed producing students with the required medical quality rather than quantity, the country is in dire for Medical graduates who equipped with quality education” he added.

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zainul Rashid who also spoke at the end of the exam has confessed how he is happy to be in SIMAD in the second year as an external Examiner. “I’m Happy to see the improvement of SIMAD’s school of medicine is doing, I urge them to put up the good work,” he said.

SIMAD is thriving to produce qualified medical students to contribute their knowledge to the health sector of the country.

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