A Message from the Rector

SU Rector, Dahir Hassan Arab

          SU Rector, Dahir Hassan Arab

SIMAD was established with the help of Africa Muslims agency towards the end of 1999, the institute turned into a full university in 2010.  The university had played a very key role aimed at dealing with the growing demands for higher education at home. SIMAD University stands for, educating the young Somalis at home, delivering quality education, meeting the demands of professionals for small and medium businesses at home. All tasks of the overall staff were directed towards taking the university to the next stages of development. One of the key factors that motivate the overall staff is serving the nation and Somalis at large by paving the way for their personal progress which subsequently can be viewed as national developments.

The university had used all means available to offering quality education. Series plans were made to standardize university systems. As a result of these concerted efforts, the university had achieved its plans quickly considering the magnitude, efforts, and resources such plans needed for their implementation. In responding to the needs of the customers, the university had unleashed a number of faculties that offer various degrees. So far the university offers various undergraduate programs among them Business Administration, Accountancy, Banking and Finance, procurement and logistics, Information technology, computer science, economics, public administration, Law, English literature, and allied health sciences.

The university had gone through a rough time, against all odd, we managed to work under war, whereby some of our staff lost their lives, and yet we were determined to work and serve the community in a very complex atmosphere. The patience and commitment of our staff led  to  a chain of achievements notably offering masters degree at home in collaboration with open university Malaysia, establishing ties with a number of other universities worldwide through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). They university also gained membership in the Association of African universities (AAU) and the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN).

In SU, There is a strong sense of ownership, respect and truly waqf-managers. Primarily the staff believes that the university is for all Somalis; as a result, it propels inner energies of the staff to contribute to the development of the nation. The staff that had worked in SIMAD since its inception are considered senior staff as such, they are widely respected for their role in the development after more than 13 years of relentless work.

The university had upgraded its facilities while stressing on the latest technology. With nine computer labs, students have access to labs for the various assignments regardless of their programs. In addition to the labs, the SU libraries are equipped with above 20000 physical books and more than 50000 e-books with wide-range of specializations. Now that the employment of the library is highly standardized to reflect on an international standard, making easier for students to read, borrow and subsequently conduct their own research at the library. To give our students greater access to the library, at the campus, the students enjoys downloading as many articles as possible from the online library for their respective fields. Unlike the traditional methods, classes were also sophisticated by erecting projectors that facilitate the speed delivery of the lectures at the classes, while attracting the students to participate in the ongoing discussion with ease.