The logo, which is the sign of the university, stands for traditional ways of teaching and writing. Primarily, it shows a wood for writing Quranic lessons known as “LOOH” in the Somali language surrounded by two bird feathers from both sides and all of the three components rest on an arch. At the top of the wood, the name of university was scripted in Somalia Language. The head of the wood indicates that national development and personal progress lies with education.

In the middle of the wooden plate, SIMAD, Which is the university’s name, was inscribed. Just below the name of the university, there is an open book and rising sun indicating the dissemination of knowledge in a new era. The color of the wood is green showing that prosperity can be obtained with the help of education.

At the bottom, two feather-pens in a full inkpot are resting on an arch that symbolizes facilitation for students to receive education at the university.

Somali flag appears at the summit where the two feather-pens meet, the flag is symbolic identity marking that the university belongs to the Somalis in general.

The name of the university was written in three languages, English, Arabic and Somali, with Somali and English being written on the arch holding the ink-pots. The meeting of the two arches shows solidarity among the students, staff and management.