Our philosophy is based on the moral teachings and values of Islamic Civilization which is intended to produce committed citizens who are useful to the community. The University believes in fostering lifelong learning with the pursuit of knowledge and skills in an atmosphere of support, guidance, free inquiry and expression. The University is also dedicated to the promotion of peaceful co-existence between people who profess different ideologies, values, and cultures. The university is committed to the following core values:

1. Excellence-Committed: Committed to endeavors of the highest possible quality while striving to fulfill the university’s mission and educational purposes, which involve a philosophy of continuous improvement based upon rigorous assessment and informed decision making.

2. Collectively-Driven: Dedicated to contribute to the advancement of society by building partnerships with students, alumni, business industry, public entities, the community and other players in the higher education scene.

3. Principle-Centered: Devoted to promote knowledge in a manner that prepares learners to be responsible, ethical, and patriotic while equipped with Islamic values of tolerance and mutual coexistence.

4. Continuous Learning: Equipped with the philosophy of spreading education that is career-oriented, theory and practice based, powered with critical thinking, and emphasized at active learning and the lifelong pursuit of knowledge.