MA in Public Policy is designed for those engaged in, or aspiring to, professional careers in the public sector, corporate or not-for-profit sectors related to the political and economic management and regulation of multinational corporations.

This program is designed to academically qualify Somali future leaders in politics, law, economics and administration according to the principles of Good Governance and to prepare them for their professional life.

Program Goals

  • To enhance new knowledge and skills in public administration and public policy analysis will facilitate the development of homegrown solutions to problems of governance, as well as economic and social challenges facing the society
  • Build a practical understanding of public management and governance
  • Further skills for the effective navigation of managerial leadership in the country
  • Participate in joint learning of different types of governance locally
  • Develop individual strategies for public service career development

Entry Requirements

  • Processing fee of USD $ 70
  • Two (2) copies of photos with white background
  • Original of Bachelor degree(s) and transcript

Programme Structure CORE

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No. Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
1. MPPC3001 Introduction to Public Policy 3
2. MPPC3002 Administration and Organization Theory 3
3. MPPC3003 Political Science and Theory 3
4. MPPC3004 Introduction to Public Administration 3
5. MPPC3005 Principles of Economics 3
6. MPPC3006 International relations and Foreign Policy 3
7. MPPC3007 Administrative law 3
8. MPPC3008 Research Methods 3
9. MPPC3009 Public Policy Analysis 3
10. MPPC3010 Econometrics and Modeling 3
11. MPPC3011 Statistical methods for Public Policy 3
12. MPPC3012 Education and Health Policy Analysis 3
Total 36


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No. Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
1. MPPE4001 National Security 3
2. MPPE4002 Somali Political History 3
3. MPPE4003 Agriculture and Industry Policy analysis 3
4. MPPE4004 Quantitative Techniques for Public Policy 3
Total 12


Please select any 2 courses from the elective courses

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Total 6


MIRDP5001 Master Project Thesis

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Total 6


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Sem 1 $827
Sem 2 $827
Sem 3 $826.00
Total $2480.00

Assessment Format

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Format A Format B
Course Work 60% $100
Final Exam 40% 0%
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