The need for peaceful existence is universally desired state in the entire world.  SIMAD UNIVERSITY established the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies with the aim of contributing to peace and stability in Somalia, the whole region, the African continent and the world. This ambitious aim is created to nourish the commitment and the perseverance required to undertake peace efforts within the challenging conflict environments. To this end, the center has the following strategies:


To be the prime hub for the creation, collection, dissemination and use of knowledge and skills related to peace and conflict studies to create sustainable peaceful environments for all of humanity.


To deliver a clear message of peace, through education, publications, debates, conferences, training and other social activities within the recognition of the right of humanity and the individual to live in peace and harmony.

Core Values

•Respect: everyone is respected regardless of belief, economic condition and opinions.

•Conscience: activities and campaigns are carried out ethically.

•Integrity: messages of peace are distributed truthfully.

•Tolerance: differences in opinions and ideas are comprehensively respected.


1.To organize and hold social events that promotes peace and coexistence.

2.To upgrade the negotiation skills of individuals and groups involved in peace efforts.

3.To publish pamphlets, booklets and similar materials that carries the message of peace.

4.To develop and implement peace and conflict studies program within SIMAD UNIVERSITY.

5.To hire, train and deploy peace and conflict studies faculty within SIMAD UNIVERSITY.

6.To prepare and implement proposals and projects of peace development in Somalia.

7. To initiate, conduct, present and publish peace and conflict research in Somalia.

Our Stakeholders

Our stakeholders are the individuals, communities and societies in the East Africa region.

Life is peace; its development is career for every single human body.