Apr 20

The 2nd Conference on Economics, Public Policy and Administration Development (CEPAD2017)

SIMAD University is organizing the 2nd Conference on Economic, Public Policy and Administration Development. This will serve as platform that contributes ideas and strategies in overcoming the challenges associated with public policy and administration development faced by the nation as in whole and institutions of the government, in particular.

CEPAD2017 reflects developments by providing a meeting place for the discussion of public policy and administration related research, developments methods, tools and experimental results. Its main goal is to foster public policy and administration talk by bringing together researchers, scholars and public servants. The conference will be held on Aprill 26-27, 2017. 


The objectives of CEPAD2017 are to foster education and to advance professional knowledge and standards in various areas of public policy and administration development by:

  1. Facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among educators, professionals, students, and bureaucrats, and between the politics and academic fields;
  2. Encouraging and assisting basic and applied research activities that advance knowledge of economics, public policy and administration development, and increase the available body of teaching materials;
  3. Facilitating research and development dialogue concerning macroeconomics, politics and administration issues as they relate to academic, policy and government sectors.

Registration is open! If you intend to participate in the conference, please come and register before April 25, 2017. For more information concerning the registration fees, please send an email to cepad(at)simad.edu.so

Afterward, the conference committee awarded certificates of appreciations to those who have submitted best papers.

  • Best Paper Award was presented to Dr. Ali Yasin Sheikh Ali, SIMAD University senior lecturer
  • Best Student Paper Award was presented to Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Isse, Senior student of Faculty of Economics-SIMAD University.
  • Best Practical Research Award was presented to Mr. Hussein Hassan Yusuf, recent graduate from Jamhuriya University.

Two parallel sessions followed, in which the conference presenters started presenting their papers. Contemporary topics and interesting papers that are vital for the success, survival and sustainability of business and entrepreneurship in Somalia were presented in the conference.

After a lunch break, the sessions continued with presentations. The day came to a close with official certificates distributed to CEB2016 presenters and participants.

SIMAD University has been focusing on knowledge distribution for the past years, but with help from research sponsors, the university is planning to focus on knowledge creation and become a research-intensive university in the 2017 year.

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