In SIMAD UNIVERSITY, we believe that all students deserve the opportunity to fulfill their studies. For that, our financial Division manages funds for scholarships donated by international organizations such as Direct Aid, UNDP, etc and other local organizations to eligible students acting as the liaison between our students and our various sponsors.

Beneficiaries should know that SIMAD University scholarship funds are not a personal gift, but rather an agreement between the scholar and the University under which the scholar must agree in writing to abide by certain conditions.

Scholarship Conditions  

In case of applying for SIMAD UNIVERSITY Scholarship, the beneficiaries will be asked to:

1. Acknowledge that the scholarship may be withdrawn by the University if he/she fails to pass and gain the required CGPA each semester set out by the university.

2. Agree to the disclosure of any information regarding his/her progress.

3. Agree to act in a manner that will not bring disrepute to their family, their country or the University during the scholarship.

4.The scholarship panel decides who will be awarded a scholarship based on the application submitted. The decisions are based on, the availability of the fund, academic achievements, references, evidence of voluntary work done, etc. The University senate has the final decision.

5. It is the beneficiaries’ responsibility to set a good example, e.g. strive for best results, attend classes, finish the course on time and continue to demonstrate the exemplary student attributes/grades by which he/she was awarded the scholarship.

6. The University reserves the right to make reasonable changes to this policy.