Invigilators must observe the following:

3.1Invigilation is considered as a lecture at SIMAD UNIVERSITY.

3.2Invigilators are required to attend their classes 10 minutes before the exam starts.

3.3Invigilators are responsible to check the validity of the ID card and clearance card.

3.4Invigilators must count and make sure the attendees are in registered in the exam attendance sheet.

3.5Invigilators must observe and apply the examination rules and regulations during the exam class.

3.6Exam supervisors should ensure the environment (space, ventilation, and lighting) is suitable.

3.7Invigilators are the masters of their classes during the examinations.

3.8In case of emergence, invigilators can be replaced by the supervisors.

3.9 Invigilator should not accept unregistered student into their classes unless authorized by the Exam Center Director.

3.10In case of exam paper cancellation, invigilators should consult with the exam supervisors.