1)      During examinations, following rules will govern the behavior of the students in the exam room. All students attending SU exams must:

a.       Be in the exam room TEN (10) minutes before the exam starts. Any student who delays more than THIRTY minutes will not be allowed to enter the exam room.

b.      Put their IDs and Clearance Cards on the table.

c.       Not bring any written material in the exam room.

d.      Not take exam papers outside the exam room.

e.      Maintain total silence.

f.        Switch off their mobile phones and other electronic devices.

g.       Use only those calculators that are cordless, noiseless and nonprogrammable

h.      Not share items such as calculators, rulers etc while in the exam room without the consent of the invigilators.

i.         Be aware of anything written on the exam tables or any written material. This will be considered as an act of CHEATING.

j.        Remain in the examination room until the end of the first THIRTY MINUTES of the exam time, while no student will be allowed to enter the exam room after the FIRST THIRTY MINUTES of the exam time.

k.       Not leave exam room once the examination starts – in case of necesity the student should seek permission from the invigilator.

l.         Not leave the exam venue for the last 15 minutes of the exam time.

m.    Not keep the ANSWER SHEET in such a way that other students can read and / or copy from it. i.e. “Always keep your answer sheet flat on the table”

n.      Not eat or drink in the exam room.

o.      Submit the answer sheet before you leave the exam room.

p.      Be aware that the invigilators will NOT collect any ANSWER SHEET taken out of the exam.

q.      Strictly follow (obey) instructions and orders given by the invigilators.