1.1 Assessment is herein referred as the centralized examinations that are conducted by the SU examination center.

1.2 There are two centralized examinations (Mid-term and final).

1.3 Mid-term exam is the one undertaken by the center in the middle of the semester.

1.4 Final exam is the one undertaken by the center at the end of each semester.

1.5 The specific dates of each exam are published in the academic calendar of each year.

1.6 For each course, a lecturer has to submit two drafts of the both mid-term and final exam questions within the first month of the semester commencement.

1.7 In order to be eligible for SU examination in a given course, the following conditions are required to be met:

1.7.1 Comply with the course requirements (attend more than 75% of the required course hours).

a)  Clear and settle all SU financial obligations.

b) If a student is absent from the classes of a particular course in more than 25% of the lectures with acceptable reasons, 10 marks will be deducted from the final marks achieved in the concerned course.

c) Any student whose absenteeism is more than 25% of any course with unacceptable reasons, he/she will not sit the final examination of the concerned course and will automatically fail.

d) Any student who fails to sit the final examination for reasons out of his control and acceptable to the Academic Council will be given a chance to sit for the concerned examinations and will be considered as “supplementary exam”.

e) A supplementary exam is marked as same as the regular final exams.

f) Any student who sits re-exams will only get minimum pass marks even if he/she gets more than that.

g) During examinations, no student shall take any book, paper, document, picture or other things, except those authorized by the examination office.

h) During examinations, no student shall write or have it written by another person, any information or diagram which may be relevant to the examination he is sitting for, on his hand or on any other part of his anatomy, or on his attire or clothing.

i) Any student who commits the violations respective to cheating in the examination will be subject to the following disciplinary measures:

i. No student shall communicate with any other student during exam time, by whatever means.

ii. If a student talks to another, his attention will be drawn. If he repeats the action, he will be turned out of the examination room and a minute of such occurrence will be recorded. Only the student’s examination of the course in which the violation occurred will be cancelled.

j) A deliberately organized cheating will cause a final dismissal from SU.

k) Absences from final exams will not be excused except for justified reasons.

l) Sickness, delivery, detention, and the death of a family member are the only justified reasons for SU.

m) Re-examinations and special exams will be conducted in the second week of every semester.

n) Results of the re-exams and special exams will be published in the third week.

o) Concerned students should sit for the re-exam exams during the stipulated time.

p) Every course has only one chance of re-exam.

q) If a student fails again or disregards re-exam, can carry only two courses to the next semester.

r) All examination results will be prepared, arranged and submitted to Academic Council for evaluation and assessment.

s) A “Semester Exam Results Book” will be published and bound after the approval of SU senate.

t) After approval of the book, no change can be made unless the senate approves.

u) The changes on “Semester exam Results book” should carry the signatures and stamps of the Rector.