The faculty of Engineering has joined the other faculties of SIMAD UNIVERSITY in the academic calendar year of 2015/2016. The duty of the Faculty of Engineering is to ensure qualified engineers who can create knowledge and technology for the benefit of the Somali society, and are sensitive to the environmental and societal needs, and can practice their profession at the highest standards with a strong sense of ethics. In addition to qualification, FE equips students with problem solving, communication, teamwork, self-assessment, management, entrepreneurial, and lifelong learning skills.

FE curriculum has been designed to meet national needs and enable our students to identify and solve complex engineering problems by choosing and applying appropriate methods. FE faculty members have obtained their degrees from respected universities in the field of Engineering and they are distinguished with their high research performance and commitment to excellence in teaching.

The graduates of FE are qualified to go into a wide variety of careers and work in a wide range of industries in public and private sectors. They might also work in the universities as researchers or establish their own company.


The theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom is converted into information using laboratories. Laboratories are also used for science research purposes to contribute the development of the country. Faculty of Engineering has several laboratories. These laboratories include:
• Structural Mechanics, Construction Materials and Soil Mechanics for Civil Engineering and
• Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Electronics, Microprocessor, Circuit Systems, Measurements, Control, Antenna & Microwave, electromagnetic & RF, and Satellite communication training and Computer labs for Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering.


The Faculty of Engineering offers degree programs in the following specializations:

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (four years)
  • Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering (four years)
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (four years)

Internship Opportunities

Duration of study of FE is four years including the preparatory year, as well as internship program before graduation which students will undergo for one semester as a course.