Faculty of Economics was founded in 2011, with two specialization, Economics and Public Administration under the name of Faculty of Economics and Social Science. In April, 2015 the faculty of Economics and Social Science was divied into two independent faculties: Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Social Science.  The Faculty of Economics focused on promoting teaching and research in the fields of Economics and Statistics, offering different programmes of studies which led to a degree with a specialization either in Economics or Statistics and Planning. The programme of study of the Faculty of Economics led to a sceince degree in economics or Statistics and Planning. Of the 300 students, 250 are enrolled in economics programme while the rest are statistics and planning students.

The Department currently has 10 distinguished full time faculty members who are active teachers and researcher contributing to both the academic as well as development of the country.

The courses thaugh in modern and technologically equipped classrooms, has reached the purpose of training qualified academic personnel in the field and it supports the developments in this direction with the high quality phsical facilities.

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